We supply Genessi iDream Motion Adjustable Beds.

The ultimate sleep system.

Ultimately the most luxurious comfort in motion with the motorized articulated unit imported from Germany. With the five-way remote control unit, raising your head, body or legs is done with a touch of a button for optimum comfort.

Choose between Latex or Memory Foam Core for personal comfort.

Option 1. The Latex combination mattress with the "zero gravity" feature, places your body in neutral position to distribute your body weight in a precise manner to give you a "weightless" sensation. The micro-adjustable setting is a unique way to take the load of tired legs and aching backs.

Option 2. The Memory combination mattress offers superior pressure relieving properties for complete relaxation. Memory foam improves heart and circulatory system health.

The ultimate sleep system. Sleep Well. Live Better!

Adjustable Motion Beds

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