We supply leading brands of Base Set or Bed Set beds.

The most affordable, popular and reliable bed is a Base Set or Bed Set.

Many beds appear beautifully, sleek and pleasing to the eye but some are just not as sturdy as a solid base set or bed set. The last thing you want is to not sleep peacefully knowing subconsciously that your bed may collapse any minute or that is squeaks with every movement you make.

A Base Set bed is the most sturdy of all beds and the bases are becoming very fashionable being an upholstered base with a soft bull-nose and some do not require the awful base frill that is mostly unmanageable.

What is the secret then to get a good night's rest and a better life?

If you can rest assured that your bed, base set or bed set sleep system is comfortable and can support your body since the mattress is laid onto a sturdy base, you will have endless restful nights.

Sleep Well. Live Well.

Shop Base Set Beds. Best Price. Best Quality. Best Service. Best Peace Of Mind.

Base Set Beds

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Your choice of Chip Foam, Layered Foam, Poly Flex Foam, Techno Flex Foam, Support Flex Foam, Memory Flex Foam, Gel Flex Foam, Latex Foam or Innerspring such as Bonnell Spring, Open Spring, Continuous Spring, Pocket Spring or a combination of Foam and Spring known as a Hybrid mattress can be used with a base to be a proper sleep system.

Base Set beds are available in all sizes from Single 91 cm, Three-Quarter 107 cm, Double 137 cm, Queen 152 cm and King Size 183 cm.

All base set beds are available in Standard Length 188 cm and selected ranges in Extra length 200 cm.

If you are in Cape Town, Overberg, Garden Route, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Gauteng or anywhere in South Africa and looking for a special or best price for a Cloud Nine, Edblo, Genessi, Green Coil, Rest Assured, Restonic, Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Suit Nite, Support-A-Paedic, TruSleep, Vita Rest and other leading brands of Single 91 cm, Three Quarter (3/4) 107 cm, Double 137 cm, Queen 152 cm, King Size 183 cm base set bed, bed set or sleep system, look no further and shop right here.