We supply Edblo Beds that has been trusted by South Africans for more than 90 years.

Our range of Edblo beds includes the Edblo Classic, Edblo Crown, Edblo Energiser, Edblo Supreme Range, Speciality Foam, Supreme Pocket, Supreme Energizer and Supreme Classic beds.


The Edblo range provides a choice between Standard Top Bed, Pillow Top Bed, Box or Plush Top Bed and Euro Top Bed.
The range supports Firm Feel, Gentle Feel or Plush Feel for your required comfort and is available with a weight restriction of up to 130 kg.
All Edblo Beds are available in sizes Single 91 cm, Three-Quarter 107 cm, Double 137 cm, Queen 152 cm to King Size 183 cm. 

All the sizes are available in both the Standard Length 188 cm and Extra Length 200 cm.

Edblo Beds - Your Bed For A Better Life

Edblo Beds

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The Edblo range consists of the following

Energiser range : Luxury Pamper Top with Latex, Pamper Top, Plush Euro Top, Extra Firm Euro Top and Premium Support Top.

Crown range: 2 Crown, 3 Crown Support Top, 4 Crown Support Top, 5 Crown Support Top, 6 Crown Support Top, 7 Crown Pillow Top, 8 Crown Support Top and 9 Crown Pillow Top.

Supreme Pocket Collection: Euro Top, Euro Top Memory Foam, Euro Top Gel Fusion, Euro Top Latex and Extra Firm.

Supreme Speciality Foam range: Resilient Foam, Memory Foam, Pillow Top Latex and Pillow Top Gel Memory Foam.

Supreme Energiser range: Support Top, Pillow Top and Memory Foam Pamper Top.

Supreme Classic range: Pillow Top, Bonnell Support Top, ComfiCoil Pillow Top, ComfiCoil Support Top and Pamper Top with Easy Storage Base.

Classic Range: Double Support, Pillow Top and Support Top;
Foam Range: Brescia, Genoa and Lucca;

Pocket Range: Asteria, Harmonia, Selene and Zelos including other brands of Standard Top, Pillow Top, Euro Top, mattresses including Adjustable Motorized Beds.