What Firmness is best for you to sleep well?
When you buy a new bed, it is most important that it is comfortable. A good bed should be so comfortable that you'll want to sleep on it as much as possible.

Do not confuse the Firmness and Support of a mattress.

The Firmness of a mattress is how Firm (Hard) or Plush (Soft) it feels when you lie down on it.
This Firmness is obtained by adding different types, quality and thickness of comforting materials to the support core.
This method to obtain a Firm (hard), Medium (average) or Plush (soft) Firmness is used on Spring or Foam support systems by all manufacturers.
The Support of a mattress is its ability to support your hips, back and shoulders to cradle or carry your body.
When the mattress supports your body correctly, your spine will be naturally and properly aligned without your body creating pressure points.

By Firmness

Every person prefers a Comfort Feel and Support that is best for them.


The ideal mattress is very comfortable and prevents pressure points.

Incorrect comfort will cause bad blood circulation to the pressure points and result in tossing and turning.

Tossing and turning on an uncomfortable mattress will disturb your sleep pattern and may lead to long-term health issues such as chronic back and joint pain.

Sleeping comfortably, peacefully and completely relaxed will rejuvenate your body to wake up revitalised and energised for the day ahead. This is the perfect way for you to start a good and productive day!

The different choices of Comfort Feel.

  • Firm Feel has a Hard Feel.
  • Medium Feel has an Average, Medium or Gentle in-between Firm and Plush Feel
  • Plush Feel has a Soft and cosy Feel.

Learn more about the different Comfort Feel's available.

Firm Feel.

A Firm Feel mattress normally has a higher density comfort layer added to the support core of the foam or innerspring mattress.

Firm Feel mattresses are available in all weight ranges up to 150 kg.


Medium Feel.

A Medium Feel mattress normally has a thicker and/or softer comfort layer added to the support core of the foam or innerspring mattress and normally appears thicker.

Medium Feel mattresses are available in all weight ranges up to 150 kg.

Plush Feel.

A Plush Feel mattress normally have thicker, more luxurious or multiple softer comfort layers of high-quality Memory Foam, Gel Foam, Latex Foam or a combination there off added to the support core of the foam or innerspring mattress and appears thicker.

Plush Feel mattresses are available in all weight ranges up to 150 kg.

Studies in Sleeping Positions could assist you in choosing the correct Comfort Feel.

If you sleep on your stomach you may prefer a Firm Feel mattress.

If you sleep on your back you may prefer a Medium Feel mattress.

If you sleep on your side you may prefer a Plush Feel mattress.

Most people (80%) prefer a Medium to a Medium Firm mattress making it a popular choice.

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